Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let the sound adventures begin!

After a rocky crossing on the ferry and a white-knuckled drive through the Wreckhouse area, I arrived in Corner Brook for a 10-day intensive study of the mill whistle and the sonic impact of the Pulp & Paper Mill on Corner Brook's soundscape more generally.

As I set out to record the mill whistle this afternoon, I thought about going to my old high school where I often heard the whistle before, during, and after the school day. However, en route, I passed by the Salvation Army on Citadel Drive. I noticed that from the unpaved parking lot there was a fantastic view of Corner Brook, so I changed my plans and headed there instead.

I snapped a few photographs while waiting for 4pm to hit and noticed the sounds of gulls and crows, a lawn mower, some construction work, and the rattling of the leaves on the bushes in front of me. A light breeze, overcast day. I was a little surprised when the whistle seemed to sound 2 minutes early -- I'll have to sync my watch with Corner Brook time for tomorrow and see what happens.

The whistle didn't seem to sound as loud as I remembered it.

In the picture you can see part of the new soccer field, the top of the former Regina High School (where I was a student), the mill, and "across the bay."

The picture makes me realize that I should probably go "across the bay" to see if the mill whistle can be heard on that side of the water. I suspect it can be, but I've never been there to hear it. 

Other possible locations for recording the whistle include Corner Brook stream trail, Crow Hill, the Corner Brook Plaza parking lot or the nearby highway lookout, and somewhere on Broadway. If you have suggestions for where I should go, leave a comment here or email