Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hidden Treasures

As someone who collects two china patterns, I've learned that you never know what you may find while out and about. I'm thrilled to report that my Saturday morning errands unearthed a hidden treasure relevant to this work.

After compiling a list of books that I wanted to consult in relation to this project (The Rowdyman, Westsiders, Corner Brook: A Social History of a Paper Town, and Putting the Hum on the Humber) and checking online prices, I headed to the Emporium on Broadway. I quickly located all four on the shelves and decided to buy three (the Social History was just a smidge too expensive for me given online prices). Then I decided to browse a little more to see if anything else popped out. In particular, I was hoping to find an old Cream of the West cookbook that my sister wants. Mom's famous brownie recipe comes from it and a dear friend gave me a copy, so now I am keeping eyes open for a copy for my sister. After about 15 minutes of searching, I accepted the fact that the cookbook wasn't available in this store, but a thin blue booklet caught my eye before I walked away. I discovered it was an undated Bowater publication outlining the safety rules to be followed by employees of the mill.

There on page 10 was the explanation of the various patterns used to signal a fire in the mill.

Naturally, I rescued it from a lonely life on the Emporium shelf and brought it home with me. It may even find its way into the exhibit!

Now if only I could find a 1942 Corner Brook telephone book...