Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Sharecroppers 25th Anniversary Tour

Well, this blog has been dormant for a while. Too long, in fact. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to juggle multiple sound- and music-focused research projects while also being a full time researcher in an unrelated discipline (business). I'm doing my best to keep this one afloat.

In March, I was scheduled to present on the Mill Whistle Project at Cape Breton University's Research Week. I got to talk about the project on CBC Radio and it seemed to resonate with people in the Sydney area given that the soundscape here once featured signalling devices related to the mines and steel plant. Unfortunately, the presentation was cancelled due to a storm day. I'm hoping that it will be rescheduled sometime in the near future.

Tonight I'm wishing I was in Corner Brook. About two weeks ago I saw a tweet by CBC Radio in Corner Brook indicating that the Sharecroppers were touring Newfoundland in celebration of their 25th anniversary. Naturally, I contacted Mike Madigan and asked whether their song about the mill whistle would be part of the line up. Of course it is and Mike graciously gave permission for me to send a research assistant to the Church tonight to record the live performance of "Mill Whistle" as part of the Mill Whistle Project. So wandering ethnographer Ryan is installed in All Saints Anglican Church tonight with a video camera. He tells me it is well attended with a door count of 160. I'm sure that many of the songs, including "One Room School" are bringing back great memories tonight.

I'm hoping that I'll be home again soon to continue work on this project. Until then...