Sunday, June 9, 2013

History of the Mill and Corner Brook

As part of the mill whistle project, I've been searching for relevant publications on the history of the mill and Corner Brook more generally. So far, I've found three primary sources:

1. Corner Brook: A Social History of a  Paper Town by Harold Horwood. Breakwater Books, 1986.
This is the first resource everyone points to and several people who completed the survey mentioned it. I found a copy on ABEBooks for an absolute steal and it's in great condition. I'm excited to see that there is a chapter on the War Years, since this has been an important recurring theme in my research thus far.

2. Global Game, Local Arena: Restructuring in Corner Brook, Newfoundland by Glen Norcliffe. ISER Books, 2005.
This resource seems to be less known locally; however, it provides an interesting look at life in a company town. Of particular interest to my project (I think) will be the chapter on "Patterns of Work and Family Life." While I don't expect it will have much to tell me about the sonic environment or the mill whistle specifically, it should fill in details regarding the shifts that were worked and how they changed over time, etc. This book is available by mail-order from ISER Books.

3. Company Towns: Corporate Order and Community by Neil White. U Toronto Press, 2012.
This book takes a comparative approach, contrasting two company towns: Corner Brook in Canada and Mount Isa in Australia. While it works its way through comparison of power and management structures, built environments, and labour histories for each town, likely the most valuable parts will be those addressing daily life in the community. The book, which is a smidge pricey, is available from Chapters and Amazon.

So, this will be my reading for the next little while. Am I missing a great resource? If so, please share! You can tweet a suggestion at @Dr_Janice_Tulk or email the Mill Whistle Project at

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