Friday, June 14, 2013

Presenting a Research Update on the Mill Whistle Project

On Monday, the annual meeting of the Folklore Studies Association of Canada will begin at Memorial University's Grenfell Campus. In the first session, I'll be presenting a research update on the "Hum on the Humber" project, which I more often refer to as "The Mill Whistle Project." While I'll provide a brief overview of the research, I'll focus specifically on the relationship between the mill whistle, remembrance, and World War II. Drawing on archival and ethnographic research from 2012, I'll explain the role of the whistle as a signalling device during the war years to warn of perceived enemy threat and/or assemble the Home Guard; describe its use to celebrate -- and notify the community of -- the end of the war; and discuss its continued use in Remembrance Day ceremonies.

I'm looking forward to hearing the feedback of colleagues, some who are familiar with the project and some who'll hear about it for the first time. I'm sure to have new ideas and avenues to pursue following the discussion!


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