Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tracking Down Newfoundland Books: More Fighting Newfoundlanders

As many of you know, my research on the mill whistle in Corner Brook has led me to learn more about the Home Guard that organized in the community during WWII. In one of many resources I consulted, I read that the book More Fighting Newfoundlanders by Nicholson had a chapter on the "Home Front" and thought it might be of value to my project. My first instinct is always to buy a copy of any book related to my research rather than borrow it from the library. I like to be able to access at will, I suppose. And I especially like to have the books close at hand when writing articles for last minute fact checking.

From a quick search online, I discovered that the book wasn't available new through my usual channels (Chapters and Amazon). It was, however, available used on AbeBooks with several copies priced between $25 and $50 US (used copies were also available on Amazon, but at higher prices). Armed with this information, I headed to a local book seller to see if there was a copy available. I'd always prefer to support a local business if possible. As I expected, the local seller did indeed have several used copies of the book. However, it seems he believed them to be "rare" and out of print. The price: $95. I tried negotiating, thinking that $40 would be a fair price based on my research, but didn't get far. I left empty handed.

Then I thought back to other research projects and recalled that I had luck finding obscure items (like a CD of patriotic songs) on a website called I remembered being impressed with the selection and speed of service, and decided to search their site for curiosity's sake. Sure enough, More Fighting Newfoundlanders was available NEW for $39.95. I placed the order on June 20th and on June 26th when I returned home from work I discovered the book in my mailbox. That's fast. And sure enough, it's brand new. I can't wait to read it this weekend!

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