Sunday, May 18, 2014

ACE Awards

On Wednesday night I had the pleasure of attending the ACE Award Ceremony at the Pepsi Centre Annex in Corner Brook. The Mill Whistle Project had been nominated for a Heritage Project award and I had been nominated for a Heritage Individual award for my work on the Mill Whistle Project. It was truly an honour to receive the award for Heritage Individual after working on the Mill Whistle Project for 7 years now.

The ACE in ACE Award stands for Achievement in Community Excellence. The ceremony was an opportunity to celebrate outstanding residents of Corner Brook in a variety of categories, including business, environment, sports, and arts/culture. The event was truly enjoyable, but it is unfortunate that there wasn’t an opportunity to say a few words of thanks. I know that I would have appreciated it. And so, in this post, I thank everyone involved in the Mill Whistle Project thus far who have helped to make it a success and apologize if I miss anyone!

JR Smallwood Foundation

Institute for Social and Economic Research

Ryan David Butt

Heather Wellman

Tammy MacNeil

Todd Hennessey

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Mill (esp. the Engineering Department)

Corner Brook Museum and Archives

The Rooms


CBC Radio Archive in St. John’s

Library at Grenfell Campus

Steven Rolls

Everyone who participated in an interview

Everyone who completed a survey

Everyone who shared books, recordings, poems, etc

Everyone who showed support for the project, even if they thought it was crazy or didn’t quite understand “the point.”

My family and friends who have listened to me talking about the mill whistle and encouraged my work.

Finally, thanks to the person who nominated me and the project — you know who you are!


This project has a special place in my heart and it will only continue to grow from here!